Scorecard Rota and Results Requirements

Scorecard Information  rule 9

  •  Collection of Scorecards: On 9th and 16th September an envelope containing this season’s scorecards will be ready for collection by each team at the venue.
  • Scorecard Process: After each match the winning team must send a photograph of the scorecard to the results secretary by 5pm the following day (Tuesday), as per rule 9, or penalties will occur. If the result is a draw then both teams WhatsApp a copy of the scorecard.The Results Secretary has set up a WhatsApp group so that results can easily be recorded and sent through. A paper copy of the scorecards will be retained by each team. If this rule is not met then the offending team will be deducted 2 points from their score.
  • If a team has used a substitute from another Club then they must ask her to sign the scorecard, print her name and the position(s) she played during the match.

Alice Monk is the Results Secretary and can be contacted via the WhatsApp group or